Photoshoot outtakes with Elliott

During my recent trip out to San Francisco to visit my brother, sister-n-law and my 9 month old nephew Elliott, I attempted to photograph him for the website. Well, trying to get a fast moving crawler is not easy! Got a few good shots of him sitting still but thought some of the outtakes of him on the move were so cute I had to share them.

Photoshoot outtakes with Luciana

I wanted to get some cute baby girl shots in a Elephant onesie and bib and got my chance while out in LA last week. Luciana is almost 9 months old and loves to get her photo taken! Check out these super cute shots of her playing!

Also check out her mom Melanie’s blog with great mommy advice and insight as she writes about being a first time mom.


Welcome to Tiny Curiosity!

What inspires you to create something new, something unique? Whether it’s color, art, fabric, nature, a photograph, everything around you can plant the seed of a new idea.

In this blog I hope to share my inspiration for Tiny Curiosity along with crafting projects, the newest must have baby/children’s products, nursery decoration ideas and more.

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